Suatu hal yang sangat menggembirakan saya, untuk mendengar permainan gitarist-gitaris muda di YPM ini. Perkembangan pesat, baik secara tehnik dan musikalitas mengagumkan. Saya ucapkam selamat kepada semua staff pengajar di YPM.

Iwan Tanzil
Guitarist – Indonesia/Germany

We’ve been wonderfully welcomed and I can really say that, even though we’ve been to a lot of places, we’ve hardly ever felt more at home than here at YPM!

Antonio Chainho & Marta Dias
Fado Guitarist & Vocalist – Portugal

I feel very wondeful today!

Francisco Bibriesca Beltran
Guitarist – Mexico

My appreciation following a most wonderful visit and meeting and working with your talented students.

Boaz Sharon
Violinist – USA

It was a great pleasure to teach here at this wonderful school and listen to the great musicianship and technical ability of the students. I am convinced they will become very fine musicians indeed.

Martin Kaaji
Guitarist – Netherlands

Thank you so much for the most unbelievable reception. The students, both on stage and in the audience were extraordinary.

Vasile Beluska
Violinist – USA

I am so glad to have visited you and have given the Master Class in your school. Unforgettable experience!

Mariam Batsashvili
Pianist – Georgia

Proficiat untuk sukses keluarga besar YPM, khususnya murid-murid yang tidak saja main piano tetapi membuat musik. Viva YPM!

Cicilia Yudha
Pianist – Indonesia/USA

I love your school and the idea it stands for. It was a pleasure to hear such talented students and make music in Jakarta.

Barry Snyder
Pianist – USA

Your students today brought great joy to my life – I loved working with them, sharing our mutual passion and commitment to music. I will keep this memory forever.

Pianist – USA

What a great evening, a great audience with such kind and musical young musicians!

Maarten Koningsberger, Olga Franssen, Esther Steenbergen
Tenor – Duo Guitar - Netherlands

Amazing the level of your students!

Groningen Guitar Duo
Guitar Duo – Netherlands

It was amazing to hear the results of the coorporation between the students and their very good teachers! We didn’t hear individual pianists, but real ensembles, making music together in a splendid way!

Wyneke Jordans and Leo Van Doeselaar
Piano Duo – Netherlands

The YPM is a school with heart; a heart for people, a heart for music!

David Korthals Altes
Former Director Erasmus Huis Jakarta – Indonesia

Thank you for giving me one of the best and most beautiful experiences in my career.

Eduardo Tami
Flautist – Argentina

Thank you for a wonderful afternoon of music with five very talented students. And thank you for your generous hospitality. It has been a great experience. Terima kasih!

Daniel Herscovitch
Pianist - Australia

E stata una splendida esperienza, per noi, essere qui, oggi, insieme a voi. Grazie per tutto.

Monica Bozzo & Giuseppe Bellanca
Sopran & Tenor – Italy

Thanks a lot for your great hospitality, wonderful playing and love.

Christiaan Kuyvenhoven
Pianist – Netherlands

Mengajari anak bermain musik dengan cara memberinya contoh dalam mencintai dan menghargai keindahan harmoni dari waktu dan bunyi.

Embi C Noer
Composer – Indonesia

Thank you for inviting me. It was a wonderful moment. I sincerely hope to come again!

Masataka Goto
Pianist – Japan

The school is fantastic and the students are exceptionally talented.

Reynaldo Reyes
Pianist – USA

I have enjoyed working with Indonesian students in the past, but I have never experienced such a fantastic artistic and musically stimulating atmosphere.

Anna Kijanowska
Pianist – USA