Student-Parent-Teacher Triangle

Student and teacher may make for a good team together, but it will rarely be great without the active envolvement of the parent. Parental love and support is just as essential in the student’s development as is the teacher’s dedication and knowledge, as is the student’s diligence and commitment. Undeniably, the parent plays an integral role in the child’s educational development.

Let’s be honest, as a parent we do not always comprehend the manyfold subjects our children learn; be it math, be it a foreign language or, as in our case, classical western music. It is our hope that this page may provide you with insights and inspiration and nurture a deeper understanding about our childrens’ pursuit in the performing arts.

With a big Thank You to all of you, dear parents, for your dedication and love, for your patience and understanding, for being there for your children, together with us, all the way.