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Can I register outside of the registration period?2020-03-18T03:23:15+07:00

Due to the nature of our curriculum, registration of new prospective students is generally only accepted during the official registration period which takes place in February/March each year. Please consult our calendar for up-to-date information.

Does SMYPM allow its students to participate in competions?2022-11-05T11:53:15+07:00

Sure we do, but please let us know. While your intention to participate in a competion, a master class, a TV appearance or any other public event outside the YPM Music School is applaudable it may temporarily affect your studies at the YPM Music School; your teachers may be able to support you in your preparations, understand why you are extremely tired or why you are missing from a class. So, yes, but please let us know.

May I take music lessons simultaneously at another institution?2021-07-10T14:35:00+07:00

More often than not, students who study the same instrument with more than 1 teacher simultaneously end up confused rather than enriched. Students, especially ones in their early developmental stages, lack both the capability and experience to digest different pedagogical approaches and techniques and thus, while either approach in itself may be legit and proven, find themselves progressing less idealy.

With this in mind, the YPM Music School does not allow its students to study the same instrument simultaneously with a second teacher/at another institution unless

a) the student is of advanced standing (Pre Conservatory Program) or
b) the student seeks to study outside the classical dicipline taught at the YPM Music School.

Can I choose my teacher?2021-07-10T14:38:46+07:00

Selecting a suitable teacher for each and every student is one of our highest priorities. The YPM Music School welcomes teacher requests and, passing due evaluation, attempts for requests to be served as best as possible.

Age limits – What are they and how do they apply?2020-03-18T03:26:36+07:00

The answer to this question is rather lengthy. For detailed information please view Eligibility

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