Online Application

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Online Application Thank you for your interest in becoming a student at the YPM Music School. Please note that your application applies to the next, upcoming academic year, which commences in May 2024. Please not, The current application period will remain open until [...]

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Fees Tuition

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Grade Monthly Tuition 3-Month Package * 6-Month Package * 1-Year Package * Pre-Elementary IDR 1,400,000.- IDR 3,900,000.- IDR 7,500,000.- IDR 14,250,000.- Elementary IDR 1,400,000.- IDR 3,900,000.- IDR 7,500,000.- IDR 14,250,000.- 1 IDR 1,400,000.- IDR 3,900,000.- IDR 7,500,000.- IDR 14,250,000.- 2 IDR 1,400,000.- IDR 3,900,000.- IDR 7,500,000.- IDR 14,250,000.- 3 [...]

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Fees Re-Registration

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Grade Re-Registration Fee Pre-Elementary IDR 850,000.- Elementary IDR 850,000.- 1 IDR 850,000.- 2 IDR 850,000.- 3 IDR 900,000.- 4 IDR 900,000.- 5 IDR 950,000.- 6 IDR 950,000.- Grade Re-Registration Fee PK 1 IDR 1,100,000.- PK 2 IDR 1,100,000.- PK 3 IDR 1,100,000.-

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Fees Audition

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Audition Type Audition Fee Basic Audition (Grade Pre-Elementary - 4) IDR 300,000.- Advanced Audition (Grade 5, Pra PK or PK 1) IDR 350,000.-

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Fees Matriculation

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Entry Grade Matriculation Fee Pre-Elementary IDR 2,700,000.- Elementary IDR 2,700,000.- 1 IDR 2,700,000.- 2 IDR 2,700,000.- 3 IDR 3,000,000.- 4 IDR 3,000,000.- 5 IDR 3,400,000.- Entry Grade Matriculation Fee Pra PK IDR 3,500,000.- PK 1 IDR 3,650,000.- PK 2 IDR 3,650,000.- Entry Grade Matriculation Fee PKg 4 [...]

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Tuition & Fees

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Tuition and Fees currently in effect are listed below. Please note that prices may be adjusted with the onset of a new academic year. We recommend you revisit this page every now and then to stay updated about changes. Parents of active students of [...]

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Matriculation Period In order to confirm their acceptance into the YPM Music School, applicants who have successfully passed their entrance auditions are required to matriculate during the month of April. Exact dates for matriculation as applicable to the forthcoming new [...]

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Audition Period Applicants are required to attend an entrance audition which takes place at the end of March / beginning of April each year. Exact dates for auditions as applicable to the forthcoming new academic year will be listed in [...]

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Application Period Application period for new students takes place during the months of February / March each year and lasts approximately 3 weeks. Late applications may be still considered under certain circumstances. Exact dates for registration as applicable to the [...]

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Almost anyone can apply for studies at the YPM Music School. There are only 4 simple criteria to be met. They are: Curiosity for music Basic musical talent Love for an instrument we teach Meeting the age limit [...]

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